Welcome Broncos!
The health and safety of our students is our priority!
Please feel free to contact the clinic with any concerns or questions you may have through out the school year.  Ms. Brisco is our interim nurse. 
Our new nurse will be announced soon!

Contact information: 

Phone : 832-484-6114
Fax:  832-484-6150

Children First
Immunizations: Texas State Law requires immunizations to be current for admission to school. Send a copy to the clinic anytime your child receives an immunization. Please view the link page on this website for immunization requirements.

Fax Immunization & Health Records to :
ATTN: CLINIC 832-484-6150
Clinic Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7:50 AM to 3:40PM

Nurse's Notes and reminders:

**Please inform the school nurse of any medications or conditions that yourstudent has that might affect
their school day (Life- threatening allergies or conditions, Asthma, Psychological diagnosis,
Physical disabilities, injuries or surgeries, etc.)

Medication Reminder: All medication must be brought to and picked up at the clinic by a parent or guardian. Students may NOT carry medication to and from school. Medication must be in its original container with the dosage information present on the package. Over the counter medication may be kept in the clinic for 2 weeks, if the medication is needed longer, a doctors note will be required.

Illness: Notify Attendance everyday 832-484-6116 if your child is absent due to an illness.
Please contact the nurse if your child is diagnosed with a contagious disease (flu, strep, chicken pox, fifth's disease, etc.)
If your child has a temperature of 100.0F or greater,, they must stay home until they are fever free for
24 hours without the administration of a fever reducing medication (Tylenol or Motrin type meds).
Please keep your children at home if they are ill until they are completely well. This helps prevent the spread of diseases to other persons.

For your child's safety!
Every child should learn these points:

  • Home address
  • Home phone number and important cell numbers
  • Avoid strangers and how to call for help (911)
  • Fire and disaster plans in your home
  • How to stay healthy....

GERMS are all year long.
Washing hands properly is very important in fighting GERMS!
Keeping their hands off their face and fingers out of their mouths.

Start your child's day off with a Healthy Breakfast!

Children who eat breakfast do better in school and have healthier bodies. If we skip breakfast, we are likely to be tired when our brains and bodies run low on fuel. Breakfast should include some protein and carbohydrates. They will help your child feeling full until lunch time. Keep their lunch healthy too!!

Encourage your child to drink plenty of water everyday. It is healthier to avoid sugar/caffeine drinks!!

For more information on Klein ISD services and our low cost medical insurance resources
visit our KISD Health Services Website

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